December 28, 2007

We thank God for bringing us safely to the last days of 2007, it has been a year with so much to thank Him for. As we look forward and plan for the year 2008, we trust God to make it a year of good things and even better than 2007. For our great association, 2008 is set to be the best year so far. With the array of ingenious programs and initiatives slated to bring about the needed boost to Health and Medical informatics in Nigeria, we look forward to drawing out the best from the meetings, workshops and other academic and collaborative activities. So let us gird our loins and be exact, creative and productive, there is space for everyone. Wishing all Nigerian health informaticians a glorious 2008.

Dr Simon Adebola (AHIN PRO)



December 27, 2007

AHIN is the national platform for all health informatics activities in Nigeria. Our membership is drawn from corporate bodies, professionals and researchers involved in Health and Medical Informatics in Nigeria from within and outside the country. The organization is a member of the International Medical Informatics Asociation (IMIA) and the African Medical Informatics Association (AMIA). The objectives of the association are working towards,
– Promoting interest in Medical and Health informatics in Nigeria
– Professionalism in the practice of health informatics in the healthcare institutions, academia and industry.
– Productivity, by generating research and development initiatives and innovation through the utilization of multidisciplinary effort thus creating sustainable models to advance healthcare.
– Policy design and development, and international cooperation to create an effective framework for the implementation and growth of quality healthcare delivery and scientific advancement.
 These goals are achieved under the coordination of a National Board of Trustees and a National Executive Committee. All members are expected to take part in the seminars, meetings, and various working groups. The working groups are,
1. Web Development group, to develop a virile web-based platform for our activities
2. Strategic Directions and Policy group, to drive the organisation’s objectives
3. OpenEHR group, see for more about OpenEHR
4. Academic group, to coordinate all our research and continuing education programs.
5., this is the Networking and Collaboration group
 All enquiries should be directed to the General Secretary, Dr Ime Asangansi ( Let us all join and develop healthcare in Nigeria using technology as a tool. You can also check us out on Facebook. Thank you very much.